Our Company

Our company is engaged in food production. It is from Argentina and has private capital. It is focused on technological development in order to meet the growing global demand for food in the agribusiness sector.

Over 18,000 hectares of fields develop farming. Among the provinces of Tucumán, Salta and Santiago del Estero and diversified crops we produce soybeans, yellow corn, red corn, bean, black, cranberry, red light Kidney, chickpea, wheat, lemon and sugarcane.

We have a staff of machinery of the latest technology. Harvesters, sprayers, planters, tractors and other equipment allow us to cover 50% of the tasks related to our crops.

Since 2007 we decided to go to the production of pulses, beans and chickpeas. In addition, add a link to our business model. We incorporate a grain processing plant, which allowed us to improve the times and be careful in the selection of our products export premium. Today we have the best technology and the best quality.