We are a young family business, but with a history that links us for over half a century agro industrial sector.

When Abraham Dumit fled the war in Lebanon and arrived in the country, probably never imagined that his beginnings as a supplier of fruit in the Central Market and producer from Famaillá field derived in a company that would become a benchmark for the production and technological development of agro industrial sector throughout the Argentine Northwest.

In the 60s, his sons, Raul and Jose Ines, expanded its borders to Cordoba, first in the field of construction and then in the marketing of sugar.

By purchasing Garmendia fields in Florida and gave impetus to new projects such as the production of sugarcane and Peruvian horse breeding, which never materialized activity since it focused on the cultivation of soybeans and corn, which then would add other new and emerging crops in the region.

When Joseph Abraham died, in the mid-60s, Raúl took over the project in Tucuman with the unconditional support of his wife, Gladys Ahualli. Raided cattle breeding Brown Swiss breed in Garmendia as a way of adding the livestock to those already performed.

At that time, “Mr. Mime” as everyone knew him, was buying and leasing farms to expand productive 900 acres he owned. He ventured into the cultivation of beans and was one of the pioneers in planting soybeans in the province.

Would be his two sons, Joseph Dumit and Nestor Raul Gustavo Dumit Abraham-who by then were teenagers-who intervene in the work that his father had started contributing to the development and production of the company family.

With the push of the new generation, the brothers Dumit to abandon livestock to farm: be one of the first to incorporate the tillage system in Tucumán, the greatest achievement of this period of transition and a hinge fundamental for the country .

Investments continued to grow: it was the best way to reinvest the profits they generated the effort, dedication and work. In order to diversify crop areas, expanded its borders to Santiago del Estero and Salta, where he began cultivating beans and legumes, mainstays today.

With the essence of the legacy of his grandfather and his father, the brothers made a jump Dumit must: transform a family business in a formal company by professionalizing the institution.

Today, Schebye, traditional legacy that Raul Dumit company, is a leader in agricultural production throughout the NOA and over 18,000 hectares of fields between Tucumán, Salta and Santiago del Estero, was diversifying its production of soybeans, corn yellow, red corn, black beans, cranberry, red light king, chickpeas, wheat, lemon and sugarcane.