The result of our products depends on a rigorous quality control and careful selection.

The quality of our products Export Premium is achieved by the combination of several factors: the trained and qualified personnel, technology, experience in crop development and quality standards that are held in our processing plant, coupled with the large storage capacity in our warehouses.

Currently, our processing plant has two edge lines consisted of the following machines:

• 2 Classifying Gessi 220RC.

• 2 tables give Gessi G520C symmetric model.

• 1 coach Buhler Sortex Z + bichromatic compressor powered by a DMD.

• 1 transfer belt conveyor in order to automate the internal movements of over 100 meters. in length.

• 820 tons of metal silos.

• 2 grounding Trench 35 tons. One of them provided with an automatic unloading platform trucks.

• 2000 m2 of warehouses gathering goods for export.

Through various processes and by the ability of the person operating technical machinery, we care the most of every grain that comes into our hands in order to optimize quality when you enjoy at your table.